Sex Trafficking is Happening In Nashville

Jim Cole is the Supervisory Agent with Department of Homeland Security and Lexie Smith a Survivor of Trafficking and Advocate of over 10 years talk about the widespread problem of sexual assault and trafficking in Nashville and around the United States.

1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before graduating high school. It’s a problem that can be difficult to report both systematically and socially.

Jim and Lexie speak from their respective expertise and perspectives on how we can legislate change in Tennessee to better protect children and provide justice to victims.

Nashville Health Department’s “Serious Six” Data Shows Inconsistencies for COVID-19 Spread


Show us the data!! Nashville Public Health and Mayor John Cooper have nearly bankrupted and entire industry then blamed them for spreading covid-19 when they’ve been forced to close down during the entire pandemic.

Recently mayor Cooper shared an infographic claiming weddings were one of the 6 most common ways covid-19 was spreading in Nashville. This was strange to me since weddings of over 25 have been banned in Nashville since the first shutdown in March. Talk about a smack in the face to every wedding venue in Nashville!!


“We’re going to close you down and blame these events for spreading covid even though we haven’t allowed you to have these events” Weddings have happened in counties around Davidson county but not inside Davidson. And wedding venues in Davidson county have some of the strictest safety guidelines for their attendees.


The health department conveniently left off domestic travel from their info graphic and during the mayors press conference last week they decided to lump in religious gatherings, small gatherings/parties and weddings into one number. Why leave out domestic travel from your graphic? And why lump in 3 of the “Serious 6” into one number instead of showing what each one is separately? And wouldn’t it be a “Serious 7” with domestic travel?

My guess is the number is far lower for weddings than domestic travel and they lumped the 3 in because they were all lower. Weddings being the lowest… I won’t even mention the protests (which I support) because my understanding is they weren’t asking until recently. “Serious 8″… Again, Show us the data.

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