CDC approves 20% capacity at professional sports stadiums; Why is Mayor Cooper only approving 10% capacity?

Today Mayor Cooper announced that Titans fans will be allowed to attend games, starting at 10% capacity, with the prospect of gradual increase of 2.5% after each game, if outbreaks of COVID-19 do not occur from fan attendance. This announcement comes on the heels of the CDC’s guidance that games are safe at 20% capacity. The question is why? Why does the Mayor, who cites a need to balance our economy and freedoms within COVID health regulations, continue to over play his hand?

Perhaps some insight to the answer can be found through email revelations released by Fox 17 Nashville, showcasing a dedicated effort by the Mayor’s office to suppress information that highlighted the insignificant amount of COVID contractions from bars, and restaurants.


As more and more of the puzzle pieces are being put together Nashvillians are realizing that the Mayor and the Board of Health are unilaterally focused on keeping citizens and businesses heavily regulated until a vaccine is released to the public.

This showcases a change in the goal posts, from the original dictate to “slow the curve of the spread.” Now it appears that an outright eradication of the virus, through herd immunity via vaccine, is the new goal post. Meanwhile, real Nashvillians fall into despair as they lose their businesses and jobs which is leading to spikes in depression, drug addiction, and suicide. If the COVID-19 response is centered around health than why is he willing to ignore the unintended consequences that are affecting the health and wellness of people outside of the disease?

The answers seem to be found within a partisan political agenda that is showcased throughout the country as Democratic Mayors have showcased an unwillingness to reopen the economy and Mayor Cooper is no outlier. He is not a leader serving the interests of Nashville; Is he following the agenda dictated to him by the DNC?

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